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One-acre Palm-shaded Bungalow/ Suite Hotel in Cabo with air-conditioning.  Close to the beach and downtown.  Weddings and reunions are welcome.  Stay in an adorable Bungalow, Suite or Cabana.  Free off-street parking.  All within Cabo's own tree section and bird sanctuary.  Reasonable rates.  View photos, and book your reservation below.  CALL US TO MAKE YOUR RESERVATION +52 (624)1433348
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Scuba diving

Cabo San Lucas
Baja California del Sur - Mexico

Cabo San Lucas offers you outstanding diving in two oceans. The waters in the Sea of Cortez are tropical while those off the pacific coast are more sub-tropical.

The sea of Cortez is host to giant whale sharks, manta rays, schools of hammerhead sharks, marlin, tuna, eel and other large pelagic fish. Combined with the interesting geographic layout of the underwater formations, this results in a variety of diving conditions that are rated amongst the best in the world.

Water temperatures are generally comfortable enough to warrant wearing of a 1/4" wetsuit all year round.


On the edge of the Submarine Canyon that forms San Lucas Bay. Beautiful wall dive to small sandfall at around 90'. Large congregations of big and small tropical fish. Slopes covered with gorgonians and graceful sea fans. Not unusual to spot rays and big fish swimming out of nearby deeper water. Also an excellent night dive, the Bay of San Lucas is a National Marine Sanctuary.

The Point
At Land's End where the Pacific Ocean joins the Sea of Cortez. Sea lions, turtles, huge sea bass, schools of gamefish brought in by large schools of baitfish such as sardines and greenjacks. Also morays, octopus, tropical varieties, the average depth at Land's End is 60'.Whale sharks and mantas are also seen in this area.

La Larga
Canyon depths from 60' to 120'. Rock outcrops giving way to steep vertical granite walls and rocky ledges at 100'. Thick with gorgonians and sea fans. Octopus, abundant tropical fish, schools of barracuda and other pelagics.

The Blowhole
40' to lOO' in depth, backside of a huge rock forms a wall covered in gorgonians. Small nurse sharks and guitarfish sometimes inhabit the area, along with a few large grouper and the occasional bat ray or eagle ray. The site gets its name from a small blowhole on shore.


This beautiful and well protected bay is just south of Cabo Pulmo. It is a great mooring for sail boats as well as anchorage for larger yachts. A combination of smooth sandy bottom and large platelets of rock provide very interesting diving.

The Sea Lion Colony
The rock formation of this beautiful area is such that it provides a sanctuary for a colony of Sea Lions. These creatures are extremely playful and very graceful in the water. Sardines and other tropical species also inhabit this area.

The Submarine Canyon
The ocean floor is at 60 ft. then the canyon walls drop to extreme depths. The walls of the canyon are covered with beautiful sea fans. Large schools of game fish are regularly encountered here as well as turtles, manta rays, large Grouper and conch.

Dos Dagos Reef
A very interesting area to dive. Has large amounts of stony coral, Giant Moray Eel's and a wide variety of other tropical fish. 

You might also like to see our information on surfing in Cabo San Lucas. And if surfing is your bag, you might also want to see more information on parasailing in Cabo San Lucas. Another very popular activity in Cabo is riding horses on the beach, in the local desert and on the mountains.

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